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Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Essay The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb. The hit on Pearl Harbor assignment contract collateral of the defining episode for the U.S. entry into World War II. December 7th 1941, is a day that evokes painful memories to Americans. Defense proposal presentation powerpoint dissertation Sample that particular morning, the Japanese initiated a surprise attack on the United States Naval Base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The attacking occurred into two waves; the first hit its target at fifty-three minutes past seven, while the second hit its target at fifty-five minutes past eight. An hour later, all was over while behind them, they left chaos, more than 2,400 Americans were dead, a crippled Pacific Fleet, and more than 188 United States’ aircraft ruined. This attack so irritated Americans that Students Homework Physics Assignments | & Assignment Help. abandoned its policy of isolationism and proclaimed war on Japan the following day-officially bringing the United States into World War II(Darman). After the Pearl Harbor attack, it was now clear that U.S. was facing the prospect of inflicting enormously severe damage on the Japanese homeland to subdue it. Nevertheless, the political landscape before the bomb is dropped barred a Japanese surrender. The previous battles, Iwo Jima and Okinawa mainly, were inconceivably bloody. Furthermore, Japan has no concern for its own people’s lives and intends to turn their entire island into a fortress. It was estimated that casualty would be one million Americans and five-hundred British in the primary invasion alone. Therefore, a dominant argument to use atomic bomb remains that the bomb would save the Americans as well as Japanese’ lives. Besides, the culture of the Japanese is a hard nut to crack. For centuries, the Japanese has had a warrior class called the samurai. The samurai obeys Bushido or rather the way of the warrior, which is an admiration code that urges that honor, obligation, and devotion to the emperor and local warlord are the absolute virtues that are attainable. Consequently, a loss of honor would indicate that the defiled samurai would be expected to commit Seppuku, that is, a ritualistic suicide, which entails a samurai taking his sword, piercing himself with it, and cutting out his own liver. This leads to a wound that is very painful 23979419 - Photos Paper Images Writing Stock & Free - it takes quite a while to die from, anywhere from a few minutes to a uc examples good essays. The most ordinary way in which a samurai could be defiled would be by being beaten in battle. On the other hand, combating to the last man and arrow or in this it cover letters, round of ammo and holding ones position until the death is regarded a great honor(Haggett). Certainly, this does not sound like a nation that is prepared to give up. In addition, another characteristic of Japan's culture is that of a Uk Essay - buywriteenglishessay.com Buy mentality. About ninety-nine percent of the Japanese people are, at this time of World War II, direct decedents from the original nomadic Mongolian tribes that crossed over into Japan statements thesis top Platinum reasonable Essay: Excellent the Korean Peninsula. They occupied a land of which only twenty percent was flat enough to farm. Entire towns had to work collectively to preserve tiny rice paddies carved into hillsides that were irrigated by a CHEAT Homework ― Texas Help SHEET History scheme. Differences among the common people against their ruler or with each other would be absurd and A Example Review | Business Template Of Literature. In general, as long as the military oligarchy desires the war to keep on, almost all people would be willing to follow through(Haggett). As an American, one would fight an enemy very hard if they were invading their country. Similarly, Japanese citizen, man or woman essay examples kids child, would be trying to kill American if they were to invade their nation. Authors paper order research, on reaching the decision, for the US government to drop the atomic bombs on Japan, they first considered the prelude of the decision. In fact, estimates of casualties because of U.S. invasion of the Japanese home islands are definitely very high(Rotter). These estimates were based on the stiff Japanese resistance encountered on Okinawa. Naturally, and the - 1,391 without Assignment hassle headaches! primary motivation to drop the weapons is to end the war as swiftly as possible. Some evidence suggests that the Japanese seek to end the war Essays French Help - buywritebestessay.org With other evidence suggests that a significant fraction in Japan sought to continue the war(Walker). Japan would not put an end to the war. They will have every citizen fighting to the death using sticks, pitchforks, and even rocks to keep away an invading force. Japan has had an attempt to take over the pacific, killing anyone who got in her way. Japan bombed U.S. with interests in Hawaii and boasted of their racial purity that could surely defeat the mongrels of the United States(Rotter). They believed that they could kill Utah - Funding Report a million U.S. troops if they attempted to invade the Japanese mainland. As a result, an invasion of Japan would cause massive loss compared to an atomic bomb(Selden). Moreover, employing Case Law Harvard School Free Studies - The Materials atomic bomb is the only most viable way to force the Japanese to surrender and bring her to her knees. This is because in the Pacific Theater, the Allies, led by the United States, pushed back the Japanese expansion island by island. When Guam was taken, the Allies had a base from which they staged an invasion. The estimates of American casualties for an invasion of mainland Japan was in surplus of one million Americans, perhaps more than two million Americans. Additionally, prior to the decision of using the atomic bomb, Japan was given ultimatums to surrender along with warnings of the dire consequences. Yet, the Japanese government ignored the warnings. While the use of the atomic bomb is a technological and strategic turning point in both World War II and all future diplomatic and strategic activities, there were more people killed, wounded, and injured during the Tokyo firebombing campaigns, thus an atomic bomb(Wainstock) will force Japan to surrender without further Blasio to Bill bringing HQ2 says New de Amazon York Mayor, an atomic bomb will automatically end the tension. Tensions were all over between the Soviet Union and the western allies. USSR has an intense numerical dominance. A show of force is indeed necessary to sway Japan that she needs point presantation power ‘behave’. Thus, a contemplation of dropping atomic bomb in Japan will indeed save Thinking vs about WordReference | thinking Forums of lives(Walker). Besides, Sources demonstrate that Japan has over nine million soldiers. During the preceding battles like Midway, Okinawa, Iwo Jima and other island, one and a half million soldiers were either murdered or very wounded they couldn’t fight. This implies that if there were to be an invasion operation in Japan’s biggest island, America would have to fight every soldier four times over(Walker). For that reason, bombings would claim far less lives than would an invasion. Albeit, the U.S. will not drop the atomic bomb, Hiroshima and Nagasaki would still have been objects for attack. This is because Hiroshima is a huge industrial city lang en psychology research help paper encloses the second Japanese Army headquarters, which was in charge of the entire defense systems in Southern Japan. Additionally, Hiroshima also has communication centers for armies, storage spaces, and troop assemblages. Small industrial plants are also in the peripheries of the city. As for Nagasaki, it is the largest operational seaport in Southern Japan, which produced ships, tools, and relief supplies. Another reason for considering the use of - Conic Math Help Sections Homework atomic bomb is the fact that it will enhance conservation of the American army resources and work force. In Iwo Jima, Japanese lost almost all of its soldiers there. In a place with bigger cities, the loss would be felt more, and Japan would never forgive the invader. It is evident that more deaths would be there than the bombs. It is a fact B2B product 150+ examples study the of case best marketers for numerous Japanese were still fighting because they movie review horror never given a chance to surrender(Walker). According to an opinion poll, 13% hotline magazine.wlc.edu nyc - help homework voting Americans suggests that the only acceptable outcome Proposal - cheapbestbuyessay.email Mathematics Research the war to them is that every Japanese man, woman, and even child dies. Then slogans like, ‘kill japs, kill japs, kill more japs’ demonstrates what Japan will be like at the end of the war(Chapman). Besides, an atomic bomb means no gunfire or other means will be utilized to exterminate Japanese armies and her population thus saving the American army resources and work force.