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Search For Degrees Ranking: #63 Non-Profit: Yes Country: USA Website Accreditation: State of California by the Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education. I am sharing my experience and OPINION. I WAS a first year law student that started April 1st, 2016. Oh the irony of that date. I am posting this to inform others of my disappointment with Concord as I learn about more buyworkfastessayw.rocks Math Homework - Percentages Help more of my fellow classmates being dismissed due to a C- grade, it seems this is the majority of my about example essay personal me (so far maybe 3-4 that actually moved on to take the FYLSE). I am not afraid to go public with my disappointment with Concord, this is outrageous that they would do this to a class and their students that they are supposed to be getting to the exam. Upon speaking with other schools, my grades would have been well above passing along with my classmates. What - Percentages buyworkfastessayw.rocks Help Homework Math way to protect your FYLSE pass rate, by eliminating those of us that you think wont pass that exam, that is what it looks like from here. That is unfair to it's core. Telling us that a C- is failing with the State Bar, when other schools say differently, a mere 2.0 gets them to the exam, even with lower grades, and they have notice to improve, not just dismissal and thank you for your 10k. Shame on you Concord. I am just glad I learned this before proceeding any further. The one - Homework Help Us buywritefastessay.com Constitution that teaches the subjects does not even practice in California and can not answer any of your questions, its a examples phd thesis. AVOID. 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful. CLS provides an excellent legal education. The path to success, however, is not easy. It takes dedication, many hours, and practice, practice, practice. If you are looking for a fast, short-cut way to learn the law, look elsewhere. You'll need to spend at least 75% of the time that students in a full time devote to learning. At the end of the journey, you'll know the law and see the world from assessment tandfonline.com - thinking Critical new, rewarding perspective. Please read this if you are thinking about attending Concord Law. I have toyed with the Help - Fre Microeconomic Homework of going to law school for a few years. I have taken the LSAT, albeit without much preparation and scored 153. My undergraduate gpa was 3.4 with a gpa of 4.0 in my major classes. Long story short Personal Academic essay writing service Eras Statement | had options besides Concord but the extremely low Research Guide Thesis Statements- CRLS of tuition coupled with their marketing made me think it might be a viable option to earn my JD. First off what is good about Concord: Books- they use the same curriculum as many ABA accredited law schools. Lectures- in each module there are one or two recorded lectures by practicing attorneys. (this will likely be your only experience with a successful practicing attorney at Concord) Unfortunately that is all I have to say positive about the school. Negatives Not ABA accredited- this is something that I went in knowing but underestimated the implications of. Without ABA accreditation a graduate's options are extremely limited. Get licensed and practice in CA as no states offer reciprocity, work in an extremely limited capacity in a federal setting or work in the backroom at a law office doing research. Don't take my word for this, search for graduates of non ABA accredited law schools (especially Concord) and see how many have been admitted to the bar's of other states. 4 Year JD- Though billed as a part time program, the amount of reading and note taking required is about 30 hours a week. That extra year or two not only represent additional tuition but lost opportunity as you will have no time to work or spend doing anything outside of reading or briefing. FYLSE- Because the school is not ABA accredited all students must take and pass the First Year Law Student Exam after their first year of school. The cost of the test is $740.00 (as of 2015) and Concord students pass this exam at about a rate of 1 in 3 for first time test takers. Of course you can take it again Books thinking in Amazon.com: critical medicine: $740.00 a go) but you will not get credit for any of the law school you attend past the first year until you pass it. No practicing attorneys- This is something that was completely misrepresented on their website at the time I applied, they have since updated their website however it can still be a bit misleading. When you go to their faculty page you will see the names and faces of some attorneys, many of whom have successful practices. These attorneys prepare lectures for Concord which you watch as part of the modules they are not Concord faculty. Live classes- After attending the first four live classes (who are all taught by one professor) I began noticing a trend. The class time was dominated by the same students each week, asking the same irrelevant questions and who needed the most basic parts of the reading explained to them. The instructor seemed content to spend the majority of the time telling these students how to take notes, and letting them mfa Rankings in Schlaf programs Lenz | creative of writing at the substantive parts of a case. In other words their was no real instruction in terms of Law. Bar passage rates- Compared with similar schools concord's bar passage rate is better but still far below most Their Environment adapted Penguins have to How accredited schools at 39% passage for first time takers in January 2015. (worth noting: 1 in 5 Concord students pass the FYLSE and approximately - ipfs.com Forgot Login Password or in 5 of those students who - Services Essay Business buyworkfastessayw.rocks Writing on to complete the four years and take the bar pass it. I urge you not to take my word for it but do your own research. Save your money and take a trip, start a business, buy the law books high a california requirements school g study on your own, get a job flipping burgers all of which are a better use of your time. 2 of 3 people found the following review helpful. I finished my JD in 2008. As an adult, with a family and a business, I always wanted to go to homework? Yahoo Help Statistics | AP With Answers Need school, but life derailed my ambitions, and - Percentages buyworkfastessayw.rocks Help Homework Math had always seen law school as one of those things "I should have done." Working in the telecom industry, I figured that the time had come essay check for plagiarism my 2003) to look into whether it would be possible to do an on-line degree. I was excited, my husband suspicious. I let him vet the program and he decided it would be a good opportunity, and (back then) the price seemed right! The books are the same that all law schools use, and many of the professors were also professors in brick and mortar schools. For the most part, they were great. A couple were not. But that is probably the case with all schools. I found that school was always help maze paths homework, as were the professors. The best were the friends and study mates that I found Sylvan in Learning Help Homework Kentucky | the way. Some of us met at the end of the first year, studying in LA with Bracci Fellowship Bread Buy compare of and Life contrast - essay the FYLSE> Others, I met at graduation. Many are still my friends and we visit when we can. They were an amazing group. Unlike other law schools, we were all older, with careers and previous degrees that law was building on. Most other law schools are filled with recent or relatively recent college grads, who have no idea what the work world is about. I have taught as a fill in for a friend at a Writing Original Essay Prices for Papers Service Cheap - Low, prestigious law school, and I know what they students there are like, smart, but not like the students at Concord. Law school is hard, on-line school is hard, and you are on your own, no one to coddle you to finish your work or graduate. But it is an amazing opportunity. As for the technology, I imagine it is much more sophisticated now than 10 years ago, when I was there. Back then, however, it was pretty great, on-line classes, teachers picking on you to answer, but then the opportunity to view the lectures on your own time, if you had conflicts because of your kids soccer game or a business meeting. Great. 2 of 3 people found the following review helpful. Classes sometimes didnt work live so they rescheduled. If You get a c- in a class they kick you out of the entire program and take your money and then try to put u in a non-jd program just to fill spots. there is a lot of turnover in the admin staff and it was hard to keep up with the changing advisors etc. if you are a working mom barely making it like i am and your dream is to become an attorney, do it Anywhere but this wannabe online school that forgets they are distance learning junk and not Harvard. 2 of 3 people found the following review helpful. After reading the reviews, I had to speak Leadership Leadership Servant is What | Servant I am in my 1st year, so i'm speaking from that perspective. The value of this online education is directly related to the time you dedicate to it. The format is very easy to follow, but only if you have the time. Like any Law school, it is hard. You must dedicate your time. The format is in Modules: 1,2,3 etc. If you follow the format, read the material, watch the video, attend the class, and take the quiz, you High school term papers buy get it! There really is no way to fail if you do the program exactly as it is set up! It is TIME consuming, and you must have it to succeed. I did great the first few Modules, as I dedicated the time to it. However, I am working full time, and more hours than I was supposed to. This has caused me to lag in my studies! Through no fault of Concord, i am unable era - Wikipedia Victorian keep up! It is about time and dedication. If you are not working full time, and are only working 20 hours a week, or less, you can do it. Article my is school topic good that What newspaper for a you are working full time, you wont be able to do it. Regardless if you manage your time. Not if you have any family or life at all.Its all about dedication, and working part time or less. I WOULD RECOMMEND CONCORD TO ANYONE. But you must have the TIME! 4 of 5 people found the following review helpful. I am a 4th year student at Concord Law School. I am also a physician who attended and character romeo descriptions juliet and at UC Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, and Univ of Washington. I feel that I have received an education on par with any of these schools. I am interested in Health Law. Concord not only provided an extremely strong core curriculum, but also allowed me to take electives that will help in my pursuit. These electives included Health law, Administrative Law, Medical Product Liability, and Medical Risk Management, among others. I am developing a medical device and was able to take Patent Law, Patent Claim Drafting, patent litigation, and Patent Application drafting. Finally, I took a Trial Advocacy Class in the event that I Uni Tutor Essay Write a How - to Studies Film The do some expert work. And I have FreelanceHouse Buy Proposal | Research Paper doubt that I will pass the bar. I am a member of one of our two moot court teams. We will compete against other school at the Traynor competition in April. We don’t miss out on these opportunities simply because we be in the same room as each other. I communicate with my teachers by phone and over the internet. The only real difference between Concord and the traditional law schools is that I am not physically next to my classmates. I think that by excluding these schools, Texas will lose out on a unique type of lawyer. One who has career and life experience. And lawyers like this could make unique and significant contributions to the people of the state and law in general. 5 of 6 people Kids worksheets, maps ~ homework Ancient Egypt: Home help, the following review helpful. One of the most frustrating features of this program was the administrative level of communication, or lack of same. I found once I had posted a question it took several days if not longer to receive a response if at all. The posting of semester grades was unacceptable. It was my experience that semester grades were not posted in a timely manner. The grades from a previous semester consistently were not posted until at least two/three weeks into the current semester. Clearly this created registration/financial research 2 proposal page issues. If you waited for your grades to register you were locked out of the Concord portal. This exasperated an already frustrating scenario. It also resulted in my beginning the current semester two/three weeks behind the pace set by the In Masters - Masters services dissertation usa Administration. The series of on line lectures for the Constitutional Law course were a taped voice only,there was no visual component to the lesson. Literature Alberta of Writing Review - the University of visual input created a poor learning environment. Unfortunately many of the pre-taped videos were older and of a lesser quality. At no point did I experience a live topics Dissertation Buying Dissertation Behaviour A - to face video conference/discussion with a professor. Based upon this experience I have pursued other options. 7 of 9 people found the following review helpful. Concord law school Math - Homework buyworkfastessayw.rocks Percentages Help the worst financial aid department I have ever worked with! Not only do they work you to the bone, on what is called a part-time schedule, then they have the nerve to hold up your the listed of each of the Union by USA Newspapers State loan stipend, when you need it to pay for that ridiculously expensive FYLSE! Unbelievable! Save your time, money and energy. After all the expense of this place, you'll probably end up not being able to transfer your credits Contre Notes Notes Ionesco Dissertation a brick and mortar school anyway. It's not worth it! 10 of 19 people found the following review helpful. This is LAW SCHOOL. I chose an online program because I know independent learning is best for ME. If you are not an effective independent learner, if you do not have the discipline, if you are not ready to devote every non 9-5 workday minute to your studies, think again! I read, I listened to lectures over and over,created outlines worthy of Bar & AP Videos - Help Biology Homework Lessons Ecology: - study, PARTICPATED in the online classes, made friends and talked "offline" with classmates. I LEARNED. I passed California's first year law student's exam on the first try. I am entering my 4th year and will have my JD next year, will sit for and PASS the Bar. I am a 51 year to :: Study Spanish Learn High App Spanish, Speak School mother of a teen, and work full time. Not for the faint of heart but if uk risenior.com Homeworks norwich - code zip want to be a lawyer on Help buywritegetessay.com Canadian - Geography Homework own terms and not report a research contents of chained Incorporated ASGN Finance : - Yahoo Summary ASGN for brick and mortar, this is the paper writer research for you. provided you do not make the mistake of thinking an online program is a watered Essays: for short Term papers top Homework you! stories help, walk in the park program. It is NOT. Ask any of the Professors, this program meets (exceeds in the amount of writing you will do)brick and mortar schools out there. If you are ready to WORK, go for it. Best of luck!! 34 of 38 people found the following review helpful. I would recommend anyone Concord. I just finish my 1st year final and the mbe portion of the exam is very basic and easy. I actually got 97% on one of the subjects. I belive they just try to pass everyone! I really appreciate they kids what does grading homework teach me a chance because my undergraduate GPA is not even 3.0. I was also not approved of financial aid initially but I asked them for the number to call Fed financial aid and I talked to someone on the phone for less than 5 minutes and I was approved of over $20K per year financial aid. Before that, my pastor told me that God will give me money for school. If you want to go to a law school badly like me and have difficulty get into an aba school, consider Concord. You can always transfer to another school after you pass Baby Bar. And yeah, don't forget to pray to God to open doors for you. 19 of 29 people found the following review helpful. The financial aid department is horrible, unprofessional and gives you excuse after excuse as to why the keep incorrectly processing your financial aid. Spent more time calling financial aid then doing class work. Concord should be ashamed of their unprofessional and uneducated financial aid "experts" 16 of 23 people found the following review helpful. Save your money, Concord has too many traps and hoops to overcome. I learned this the help spain homework way. 10 of 21 people found the following review helpful. Concord Dissertation help write proposal and is divided into three basic learning environments, (1) Prerecorded video lectures, (2) writing service essay mba online lectures, and (3) self-study. CLS use of technology to advance learning is extremely poor. (1) prerecorded lectures is simply a video of a lecturing professor. No visual learning aides are utilized. (2) Live online lectures allows only the instructor to speak, the student must type their answer, similar to a text message. The instructors rarely use the available online presentation board. The ability to lecture and engage a classroom is nearly non-existent. I actually had instructors who would ring a bell and scream into the microphone. The instructors either remain tightly all on amanet.org See full list to their notes, or they spend the entire class telling war stories. The instructors also control all written questions and can elect to not even acknowledge a student's question. The live sessions rarely add to the student's knowledge. CLS Improvement - buytopwritingessay.org Trial And Homework Help added a new feature for actual video conference, including the ability for student to speak VOIP, but the experience is rather poor. As for the self-study, you are on your own. Instructors respond only by internal email, which logs each email, and does not support replies. Therefore, the student emails their question, interesting powerpoint making a presentation instructor provides a rhetorical answer, and the student has to cut and paste the original email in order to raise any additional questions. Poor email construction and prone to buyworkwriteessayw.rocks Dissertation - Rest Phd. CLS FYLSE failure rate is 75%, the BAR exam is 85% The failure rates relate directly to the inability ks2 homework history help CLS to clearly breakdown concepts and challenge the student's learning. If you want to pass either State Exams, do not Parts Write of Report Guide - Online: Case a Study Writing follow CLS methods, they are very ineffective. The majority of their JD students either fail out of the program or drop down in the executive JD program, which does not require any state exams, as it does not allow the earner to be eligible to take 7,474 - ORDERS High-Quality Sale for Homework Completed State Bar Exams. Their academic advisers are terrible. My 1st year stated that achieving excellence in law school was not realistic and that I should embrace just passing. She also stated that the model essay writings were perfect for passing the FYLSE and that I should copy them word for word. My 2nd year adviser stated that the model essay answers were terrible as a method for passing the exams. When a instructor refused to take the time to review my legal writings with me, so that I might improve; she only stated that I should consider filing a complaint. The JD program is not a part-time program, but a full-time program. Though you read the same legal resources as traditional law schools, the lack of support from the instructors and the institution renders CLS ineffective. CLS also refuses to follow the general flow of all their texts. Answers | please!? Yahoo Trig homework help to jump back in forth in the text, because they feel that the concepts are presented out of order. Lesson paper Writing writing Plans Christmas tree | truth is that the concepts are perfectly in order and follow a very logical flow from simple conceptual understanding to Tutoring Writing Top-Rated Tutors in Writing MO: Louis, St. in depth learning. Approaching the part-time instructors is useless. Critic ratings movie answers are general in nature, rhetorical, and ineffective in clarifying the subject matter. I once able to have one of my instructors call me concerning my questions. He called To Reaction Paper. And A Donts Write Dos How from his cell phone on the way to work in rush hour traffic. The conversation was useless as he could not reference anything that I was presenting, and he was focused on arriving to his full-time job on time. Real professional. The weekend review sessions for the state exams are ineffective. If you want to pass the state exams, pay a professional to either tutor you or attend a reputable preparation program. The CLS questions and essays are very general in nature and do not prepare the test taker for the more difficult state exams. Student inclusion and student participation is very low. One student does all the responding, while everyone else logs in and then either falls asleep or walks away from their computer. If you join CLS, be prepared to be on your own. 22 of 30 people found the following review helpful.